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Masanori Udagawa: Sports Photographer


Masanori Udagawa: Sports Photographer

September 7, 2020

This is Masanori Udagawa. He is, in my most humble of opinions, the second-best sports photographer in the country. (Sorry Masa, nobody beats Peter Bush) You can look at his work here.⠀

Not only is Masanori the second-best sports photographers in the country, he is also one of the nicest people I know. He is a gentleman on the sidelines, a rock to his friends, a mentor, an icon.⠀

Masanori often freelances for Big Mark & Co, and together with Abbie Dorrington they are a formidable duo. They have covered together many different events from conferences to festivals, weddings and birthday parties. Always professional and quick with a smile, we are proud to have Masanori as part of our crew.⠀

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